Will strength training make me bulky?

Fitness, a billion-dollar industry can be confusing to navigate. What and who to believe, which google articles, and the newest guest on your most recent podcast.

We are going to bust some common myths using a science-based approach. Here’s one everyone falls for: “Strength Training will make you bulky.” ❌ #myth

Goals are important! But choosing the right goals is even more crucial.
At Benchmark, lots of our members’ goals aren’t to be massive but to look athletic, lean fit, and “toned”.

This comes from simply reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass, there is no magic training routine but a tried and tested scientifically proven method.

The same compound exercises that are good for building muscle mass are also the best exercises for dropping body fat and boosting your metabolism.

Cardio believe it or not isn’t the magic bullet either, yes, it can increase your metabolism but not to the extent strength training does. Cardio is best utilized to increase fitness to improve your health and build an efficient body machine.

➡️ Nutrition is your defining factor!

With nutrition and quality training in the mix, you have the ability to sculpt your body, as you see fit!
Not just seeing nutrition as a kcal deficit but also seeing it as fuel, to help you perform.

A mistake many people make is dropping their kcal too low or using cardio as an energy-burning tool to work themselves deeper into a kcal deficit.

In the long term, this will detriment, other factors of health and runs the risk of damaging your metabolism. If you are concerned with becoming bulky from training, focus more on your #nutrition. We’ve got the training side covered!

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