Unlike what most gyms practice and preach – functional fitness is a totally different game, especially when it’s done the scientific way!
Our functional training program is designed to adapt to your individual needs and transform your body in all areas of fitness, health, and strength. Consistent functional training unlocks your mobility, improves your postural health, and offers heaps of core health benefits. It’s so much more than merely pumping iron. Our functional training sessions are systematically designed to deliver results bespoke to your body’s needs.

Science-based functional coaching combines various forms of strength training and is far more beneficial and holistic in comparison to the current trends in the fitness industry, such as HIIT classes, Bodybuilding, Crossfit, Pilates, or Yoga.

Our coaching approach utilizes methods to work on your weaknesses, movement quality, imbalances, and asymmetries. We then tailor the training to your current fitness level. This comprehensive approach leads to more effective results whilst minimising the chance of injuries – for all types of people from beginners right through to advanced.