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At Benchmark Canterbury, we offer Science-Based Athletic Functional Training that will transform the way you move, train and perform your daily movements. Weight loss, weight management, a stronger core, strength & muscle building, or even recovery from an injury – our coaches design the program around your needs for guaranteed results (for all fitness levels).

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How do we cater to all our members’ goals in a group training setting?

Great Coaching & Good programming – which covers about 80% of the general population’s goals and targets.

Wanting to feel stronger, feel healthier or drop body fat?

These goals are pretty common with most members and our Athletic Functional programming covers the majority of that! We cycle through different methods and variations of strength training and conditioning:  metabolic > hypertrophy > strength > power, as well as energy system development aerobic through to anaerobic conditioning.  These are great tools to reach your health & fitness goals. Far better and more effective than any individual cardio, HIIT, or self-guided weight lifting gym session.

For the remaining 20%, this is where the art of great coaching comes into play. Different fitness goals, movement concerns, individual recovery needs, and injuries. These are not a problem. Adaptations to programming or modifications to movements are great tools we can use to help personalize the group training to meet your needs. No one is split into either group, it’s all intertwined. There will be times when progress will just come with adherence to programming and minimal coaching, and times when there will need to be multiple modifications to movements/programming to help find more optimal solutions to your needs.

Training with an injury and Rehab Coaching

Joining a gym for the first time can be an overwhelming experience!

Here’s our experienced coaches will help you focus on your fitness goals during the sessions:

1) Build your sensory competency: This is a fancy way of saying feeling the right muscles. When learning a new movement, the coach will brief you on how to perform the movement as well as what muscle groups should be firing. Make sure to take notes and scan your body during the movement. If you can feel these muscle groups working, it’s a great sign you’re getting the stimulus you’re after from the movement. If you cannot feel muscles A, B, or C as instructed, call your coach over for some help. You may need a cue or two to help or you might need a modification of that exercise.

2) Trust the coach’s eye: Our coaches will be constantly watching and assessing your movement, checking your positioning, and how you’re managing during the session. Trust your coach. If the coach gives you feedback that you’re doing well, give yourself a pat on back and keep going.

When you’re starting out, the goal is to keep it simple and only increase complexity when you’re ready. Trust that you are always being watched and looked after. If you can focus on these two things when starting, as well as consistency with your training, you will make leaps and bounds. Your confidence will grow and soon the movements will begin to feel more natural. Then you’ll be ready to take on new focus points with your strength training program.