Our “Small Group Training” classes generally involve groups of approximately 3-12 people being trained by 1-2 trainers on a range of purpose-driven fitness and athletic development activities. It helps our coaches give you the best of both personal training attention and a Covid-safe environment.

People tell us they are realising that self-training doesn’t always work and it can be a quality over quantity game. We are seeing a move away from unsupervised, self-initiated training in gyms, with a key reason being a busy lifestyle.

Changing lifestyles is really a driving factor for people appreciating small group training classes.

We’re all incredibly busy these days, with competing priorities. That leads to us getting tired and failing to find the motivation to take care of ourselves and our athletic development. We all know that trainers keep us on track in this regard, but many of us can’t afford one-on-one training sessions on an ongoing basis. This is where we come in, allowing everyday people access to the type of training that high-level athletes have, but tailored to their level and in small groups at an affordable price.

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