Training with an injury

Training with an injury!

In most situations, there are always solutions to keep training. 

Soft tissue injuries suck, but it doesn’t mean it’s time to be sedentary for weeks on end. There are many strategies to keep you moving and get athletic adaptations.

When injured the goal is to still maintain training volume! Here’s what can be done:

✅ Maximise strategies that suit your biases.
✅ Maximise constraints.
✅ Regress the movement pattern complexity.
✅ Decrease the load.
✅ Decrease too competent range of motion.
✅ Dynamic to static

There are times when it’s safe to train through discomfort with soft tissue injuries. A general guideline, discomfort on a scale of 3 or below out of 10, is safe!
If the perceived discomfort is higher, we will look to modify the movement to get a similar training stimulus.

Book a screening session with our team to find out the best strategies for your training with injury needs.