Unlock your abilities for human movement

The body prioritises and organises its self around 2 main strategies – breathing and gait (walking).

With 21,000+ breaths daily and movement needed to survive. They are the most functional movements of the human body. All physiological and biomechanical systems operate with gait and breathing as a priority. The ability to take full inhales and exhales is the ability to move through all phases of gait. We can look at breathing in 2 stages.

Inhalation and Exhalation. We can break gait into 3 ground contact stages – Heel strike, mid stance, and Toe off. These 2 stages of breathing and 3 stages of gait intertwine with each other.

➡️ Inhalation = heel strike and toe-off (The global movements required for inhalation, heel strike , and toe-off are akin)

➡️ Exhalation = mid stance (the global movements required for exhalation and midstance are akin)

Looking at your movement through a gait and breathing lens and acquiring the full bodily ability to inspire and expire and owning all phases of gait, is your ability to own all capable human movement❗

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