The human body is complex and brilliant; a machine which can be pushed to incredible extremes and achieve the extraordinary when nourished under correct conditions.

Benchmark Canterbury is a revolutionary facility providing the platform your body needs to reach its best potential.

The Benchmark training system is unique.

Based on athletic programming and evaluation in personal and group environments, Benchmark's expert coaches will guide you to not only increase your fitness and strength but reinforce practices to enhance daily life and movement.

Benchmark strives to break away from the mainstream fitness format to provide a more efficient, beneficial, sustainable and enjoyable form of training for members of all levels.

Benchmark Years of passion and experience have led to the development of a system which focuses on maximizing physiological progression whilst limiting pain and injury.

Benchmark is committed to aiding the everyday human in becoming fast, agile, strong and flexible, to live a long and healthy life. Raising the Benchmark for the human condition.



Equipped with over ten years of experience training athletes and general population and being involved in a variety of different sports James feels any one can excel at their favourite sport if introduced to strength and conditioning principles.

James now brings his knowledge, experience and expertise as a coach to Benchmark helping members learn how to move better, become stronger and get more from sport or day-to-day. His style of training has developed over the years with a keen eye for quality movement and a dedication he brings to everyone he trains wanting all to achieve their absolute best. 

James co-founded Benchmark Canterbury in 2017 with this objective and believes Benchmark and its training systems are the perfect way to train for everyone and anyone looking to move better, feel better and perform better.


Mitch co-founded Benchmark Canterbury in 2017 with the sole aim of bringing strength and conditioning training to the general public and athletes of all levels.

Mitch has had experience with industry-leading strength coaches and has applied this knowledge to a range of clients from the general population to rugby players, netballers, basketballers and track athletes

His strong focus on continued professional development and on the science of strength and conditioning mean that his clients can achieve results with the latest cutting edge principles whilst reducing the risk of injury.

If you want to get strong and improve your athletic performance, Mitch has the tools to help you achieve your goals.


Benchmark Canterbury is a small group training gym located in the Inner West of Sydney in Canterbury. Benchmark focuses on bringing athletic development to the general population. This means learning to move correctly, correcting dysfunction, deconstructing imbalances, decreasing injury risk, building strength and improving performance. Everyone has athletic potential - it is just about learning to develop it.

This is not a 45 min HIIT class or a CrossFit session - this is a totally different approach to looking at health and fitness. Benchmark Canterbury is changing the game by bringing strength and conditioning methods to group training, Never has group training featured an individualized sports science approach to training for the general population. Benchmark Canterbury has a layered training system, meaning that there are sessions for all fitness levels. Every session is programmed to achieve the best movement, strength and postural changes. This is like receiving unlimited personal training sessions in small group training. Personal training and access to our facilities, all included in your weekly membership.

No. If you're used to turning up to a gym and trying to take yourself through an average program of exercises, you'll soon be pleasantly surprised by our approach. Joining our small group training classes, where you are part of a community and train at your individual level is ridiculously more encouraging and importantly gets much better results than trying to motivate and guide yourself through a program. Our members love the way in which they feel like every class is tailored to them, whilst somehow also being suited to the people training alongside them in the small group. There is a great sense of belonging and community amongst our members.

We have a great app which allows you to easily book from your phone (or desktop computer) for all of your classes, seeing how many slots are available and even who else will be in your class.

This is the starting point at Benchmark Canterbury. This is an assessment to understand how your body moves, its strengths, its weaknesses and related compensation patterns and injuries. This helps us provide an accurate starting point with your training prescription and identify the session types that will bring you the most benefit. We don't employ a cookie-cutter approach, rather we think it is integral to identify the intricacies of every member. We are all unique!

Immediately! Learning to move correctly, correcting your posture and building strength will all start to take place in your first couple of sessions. We recommended that you re-screen in 8-12 weeks to compare your initial functional movement screen results and see the improvement.

Check out the website under the membership option or just come down to the gym and have a chat to Mitch or James at Suite 5, 1-3 Charles Street, Canterbury. We're situated along the river (you'll walk off the street and turn behind the Korean chicken restaurant). Canterbury train station is just around the corner and there is plenty of parking nearby. Give us a call and we can discuss if you need help

The initial commitment period is three months, after which the membership goes to a month-to-month contract with just four weeks' notice to cancel. You also have an option to put the membership on hold for up to three months a year.

Monday to Friday from 5:30am to 8:30pm Saturday to Sunday from 7:00am to 4:00pm Book an appointment with us to check out Benchmark and talk about your goals and needs.


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Monday - Friday 5.30am - 8.30pm

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