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Why do I have back-pain?
Everyone’s back pain experience is different! We understand yours might have unique biological, social, or psychological contributing factors. Our goal is to understand these intricacies and offer a personalized recovery plan tailored specifically for you.

Male coach assisting woman exercising in gym

How Exercise Physiologists can help? 
We provide pain assessment and education, and exercise programs designed to improve strength, flexibility, overall mobility, and postural restoration to help support the spine and minimise pain and re-injury risk.

An adult caucasian female in a yoga class doing the cobra yoga pose with her eyes closed. She is lying on her stomach on a yoga mat. She is surrounded by other yoga practitioners. The studio is illuminated by sunrays.

Does exercise physiology relieve back pain?
Absolutely. Anastida C in her testimonial talks about the amazing difference in made in her back-pain relief journey. “My health & my posture has improved since I first trained with them. I’ve never felt this good about my back for a very long time.”

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